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We are pleased to share with you some training activities accompanying the launch of the German Energy Academy in Jordan (GEA-Jordan); The Academy, in collaboration with partners involved in its founding, has initiated a series of programms and trainings. Management and Maintenance of Solar Energy Systems to Generate Electricity Course was launched by Amman Chamber of Industry in collaboration with the German Energy Academy in Jordan to develop the specialized knowledge and skills of engineers and technicians working in factories that currently have solar power systems to generate electricity at factory sites. it has been sucessfully completed.

In addition to the launch of a design in photovoltaic systems course presented by Eng. Firas Alawneh for a group of trainees at the German Energy Academy in Jordan, the programme includes a range of topics from the basics of Electrical engineering, solar radiation, photovoltaic panel techniques, photovoltaic system types, as well as the designing and sizing of the electrical system, Noting that the programme is still open.

Also, the Digital Skills Course presented by DrFadi Alshalabi for a group of trainees within the German Energy Academy in Jordan GEA-Jordan. The programme includes providing trainees with the most important skills in the digital world as well as tools of increasing productivity, and identifying some basic tools for both personal branding, task management and remote working.

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