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Energy Efficiency Course for Refugees and Host Communities

The German Energy Academy in Jordan, in collaboration with and supported by the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education and the German Jordanian University, offers this specialized course in energy efficiency. The course aims to equip trainees with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of energy efficiency, energy management, and energy auditing. This course is prepared for accreditation by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK) and will provide a certified diploma from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Trainees will acquire practical skills essential for the job market, enabling them to become certified in energy efficiency, energy management, and energy auditing. A final exam will be held to assess the trainees and award them a certificate of expertise.



  • Dr. Ayman Al-Bataineh
  • Engineer Mohammad Ayash
  • Engineer Omar Al-Soutari
  • Engineer Sana Al-Khatib
  • Engineer Sundus Al-Masha’leh

Target Audience: Technicians and students of electrical, mechanical, and energy engineering. The course content will be offered at an introductory level, serving as an important first step in preparing anytechnician or engineer to enter the field of energy efficiency.


  • Nationality: Jordanian from host communities (50%) or Syrian refugee (50%)
  • Age group: 20-35
  • Employment status: Professionals, technicians, or engineers
  • Not employed or registered with social security
  • Electromechanical background

Expected Outcomes: By the end of this course, attendees will be able to meet the Jordanian professional competency standards for the energy auditing and management profession, specifically:

  1. Understanding energy auditing methods
  2. Performing economic calculations for energy audits
  3. Monitoring energy consumption and related devices
  4. Familiarity with laws and regulations in Jordan
  5. Implementing energy efficiency in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings


  • Unit 1: Introduction to Energy Efficiency
  • Unit 2: Basics of Energy, Power, Energy Sources, and Energy Conversions
  • Unit 3: The Energy Efficiency Pyramid
  • Unit 4: Electricity Tariffs, Bill Analysis, and Social Awareness in Energy Efficiency
  • Unit 5: Energy Auditing
  • Unit 6: Monitoring Energy Consumption and Devices Used
  • Unit 7: Economic Calculations for Energy Audits
  • Unit 8: Challenges and Barriers to Achieving Energy Efficiency
  • Unit 9: Laws and Regulations in Jordan
  • Unit 10: Energy Generation Systems, Heat Exchangers, and Burners
  • Unit 11: Energy Efficiency in Electric Motors, Pumps, and Compressed Air Systems
  • Unit 12: Air Conditioning, Cooling Systems, and Indoor Air Quality
  • Unit 13: Lighting Efficiency
  • Unit 14: Energy Efficiency in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings
  • Unit 15: Report Writing
  • Unit 16: Measurement and Verification

Accredited Training Hours: The total course duration is 240 accredited training hours, consisting of 80 hours of theoretical training and 160 hours of practical training (including field visits).

Evaluation Criteria: A certificate of completion will be awarded based on attendance of at least 80% of the total course time and successful completion of the final assessment.

Schedule: The course will run for one month from November 5, 2023, to December 28, 2023, from Saturday to Thursday each week, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Location: German Jordanian University – Madaba Street West – Al-Mushaqqar – Amman

Cost: The course fee is 1200 JOD, which will be fully covered by a grant from the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education.

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Enrolled: 41 students


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