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Programme of Design in photovoltaic systems

At the German Energy Academy in Jordan, we are pleased to announce a programme of design in photovoltaic systems as a general introduction to solar photovoltaic (PV) technology.

This program will help trainees have practical knowledge of the photovoltaic applications as well as of their designs and sizes.

Target group: Mechanical and electrical technicians and engineering students

Participation Requirements:

  • Electromechanical Background.
  • English proficiency.

Expected Outcomes

1- Assessing solar resources for any site.

2- Reading the manufacturer’s dashboard for any solar panel, inverter adapter, battery.

3- Designing any size of the photovoltaic generator required by connecting panels respectively and parallel.

4- Reading the single-line diagram of an on-grid or off-grid photovoltaic system.

5- Designing and building the initial single-line diagram of the on-grid photovoltaic system.

6- Designing and building the initial single-line diagram of the off-grid photovoltaic system.


5/29/2022 to 6/8/2022

From 12:00 noon to 6 p.m.


German Energy Academy in Jordan, Al Hussein Technical University – Building 19, N-203 – King Hussein Business Park.

Trainer: Eng. Firas Alawneh. Faculty Member with Industrial Professor degree, a trainer of Photovoltaic Technology course in addition to Electronics and Electrical circles Courses, Energy Engineering Department/Faculty of Engineering and Natural Resources Management/( SNREM) German-Jordanian University GJU, Amman, Jordan.